Reverend Linda Newman studies the alignment of the stars each week to bring you in depth astrological predictions. She is a third generation astrologer, holistic wellness practitioner and mystic student. You can catch up with her on her weekly radio show The Wake Up Call on

Horoscopes for the week of August 7, 2011:

aries Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Aries: It is a given that you are most comfortable in your role of leader and innovator. The confidence that you have is contagious and that’s why the troops are so willing to follow you up the hill and into the fray. Truthfully, you really aren’t up to it this week. Not only has your elevator been missing floors but for the rest of the week it will be stuck in the basement. It’s quiet and cool in the basement, you’ll like it there. Should your friends and beloveds waddle down the stairs to hunt you down, they are certain to find a Do Not Disturb sign hanging on your door. Rest assured that this is not you surrendering to life’s challenges, you simply need to take this time to figure out why you take on so gosh darn much. Rather than you in retreat mode, this is you on a spiritual retreat, and you must admit that it is loooong overdue. It is most healthy to take this time and get to know your shadow better. There are dusty habit patterns that need to be addressed in order for you to truly live up to your own potential. This kind of inner vision is always a solitary endeavor. If you really need input, just pretend that you are a Gemini and talk to yourself. Actually dialogue between yourselves would be most helpful in this soul searching cycle. Once you have figured it out, feel free the share your enlightenment with your closest confidants, but not until you are truly at peace with all of the information that you have dredged up.
Until then, meditate, journal, power nap and Wooosaa. You need this time out !

taurus Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Taurus: Your workaholic self will be doing a happy dance this week as you not only exceed your usual productivity, but gain a nice serving of acclaim along the way. As a true Earth Sign, you have always carried with you a sense of responsibility to whatever responsibilities find you. The Boss can hand you the keys to his/her kingdom and walk away certain that you will take care of business as if you owned the place. Due to your thoroughness, you have always made an effort to understand every phase of your workplace. You have gone out of your way to follow projects from beginning to middle to end, saving your employer’s time and money wherever you can. Your practical experience and copious mental notes will serve you well this week when things grind to a halt. Just as the biggest biggest Boss is ready to spend a fortune and call in an expert, you will step forward respectfully. Your words may be brief, but in your succinct way, you will explain how to fix things, and never really stop working while you do so. Voila, you are not the expert. Certainly you didn’t want a raise or a promotion, but you’ll most likely get both. Ah Jupiter in your Sun Sign is such a good thing, and he likes you, he really does. No, this isn’t too good to be true. This is a reward cycle for which you have been waiting 12 years. Embrace it, eh ?

gemini Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Gemini: Since your attention span isn’t, I’ll be brief. You are presently dancing in the light of your personal bête noir…retrograde Mercury. Yep, your Ruler has taken his occasional hiatus, or perhaps he’s just temporarily insane and taking you along for the ride. In any case you are going the experience a journey that is filled with speed bumps and potholes….tooth jarring potholes. Despite the rugged traffic patterns, you will find yourself making some wise choices. Actually there are things that you have been doing that are somewhat duplicitous. In your need to simplify your life, you will be deleting some of the head scratching; time wasting stuff and you will never go back there again. Okay, there will be some twists and turns along the way, but this is certainly not your very first retrograde rodeo. This is Mercury having his way with you, and making you stop, think, slow down and prepare to repeat repeat repeat yourself until other people get a clue. So grab your Stresstabs and think DeCaf. You are picking up a little turbulence, or maybe some mental methane, it’s not life threatening, just irksome. Heck, in three weeks when all of this is just a memory, you’ll have volumes of funny stories to share. It’s your humour that will smooth things out. Kinda like when one of our programs had pretty flyers printed to celebrate their airtime, the finished product said, “Don’t forget to listen every Turdsday.” Okay, the Host was a wee bit upset, but You must admit, it’s funny 

cancer Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Cancer: You have always been a soft spoken individual who takes other people’s feelings into careful consideration before you say anything and that’s still in place. However, recently you have experienced more than a few uncomfortable moments and you know it’s time to stop that behavior before it does any more damage. This is just another perk of retrograde “you know who.” Actually you will find it’s a blend of what folks have said and just how they said it. With powerful Pluto in opposition to your Sun Sign, your quest for the truth will not be denied. Ok, you may have to rehearse a wee bit before you state your opinions and you may even need to make a few notes, so that you won’t miss important details, but you know how all important this is, so you will proceed. Now the cool part is, that others may be a bit shocked at your feisty attitude and direct form of expression, but that only proves the sincerity of your communications. What starts innocently enough with milk and cookies will end with not to be avoided honesty. Isn’t that what we really owe to each other ? Perhaps others have no idea of how very terse they have been, or maybe they truly don’t care, but you will make it abundantly clear that nasty thoughtless behavior is not acceptable on your watch. Now is your cycle to “sing out Marie” and you certainly will !

leo Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Leo: As Venus conjuncts your Sun, you will find that your inner child has stolen your car keys and taken you along for the joyride. Venus is all about magnetism, so whatever projects you are presently working on are certain to have a massive support crew. And therein lies the problem. The massive part. It’s a bit tricky having a rich fulfilling life, pursuing your goals and dreams when you have 600 Facebook friends and they all want a bit of your time. You are still in need of a Moon Lodge, and those are never large gatherings. What you need right now is quiet philosophical conversations while sitting on the patio with a few close friends. The Champagne Room will have to party on without you. Sure, you will probably receive a record number of Birthday cakes and you will express your appreciation, but you are really not in the right frame of mind for Tequila shooters and table dancing. Presents are always lovely and you won’t turn them down, but what you really want immediately, if not sooner, is inner peace and a day or two of cartoons. With a perfect blend of musing and mind fudge you can get to your center center and find that innocent joy that is truly Leo. Even old toys can bring new joy as you resuscitate your enthusiasm. Take some barefoot Medicine Walks and reconnect to what’s truly important, that’s the best gift for this Solar Return. As for all those cakes, why not freeze them, and you can have lovely little sneaky treats whenever you feel the need ?

virgo Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011
Virgo: With Mercury sitting at Zero degrees of Virgo, you know as well as I do that there are certain words sitting right there on the tip of your tongue. We spoke last week about how Zero degrees of any sign is a crucial point. It’s the moment when things or situations hit a wall of sorts. Since this is a retrograde thing, it is best that you find a good way to express yourself now, lest it become uuuugly in a few weeks when Mercury hits that exact degree again and you hear your Mother speaking through you. Scary isn’t it ?  You can be going about your daily business and blammo you get one more serving of over salted stupid. In the past you may have been able to ignore it, but not now, when minor irritants feel more like sandpaper on your jangled nerves. And then out of nowhere, she appears, your Mum, looking over the bridge of your glasses, cutting some poor fool to shreds with a few well chosen words. Just when you find yourself hoping that you were thinking those barbed words instead of saying them, you look at the object of your ire and realize that the voice of Mum has done it again. Geez. Okay it was all true and probably well deserved, but there are more graceful ways of calling an idiot and idiot. Consider this a time when stuff is able to get on your best and last good nerve. That should help you soften the way that you address the issues that need resolution. Journaling can be helpful. Or if you have a mouth like mine, consider writing some scathing letters that you burn or shred or shred and then burn. Whatever it is that you need to express, you Will find a kinder gentler way to do it. Why ?  Because you must, that’s why.

libra Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011

Libra: It’s good that Saturn has taken control of your choices, since he has become your personal trainer. This week is a training exercise to be sure.
Why not consider this a cerebral boot camp, and that way then you have to run an obstacle course to get things done, you will have an even larger sense of accomplishment than before. In point of fact you will be spending this week as an honorary Virgo, complete with cross referencing and sticky notes. Because those of us who are Direct Mercury babies will be a tad slooooow this week, you will offer necessary information in the form of a PowerPoint for dummies. Others will receive the high and low points of whatever needs to be done and you, lovely you will get the detail work. You might as well cover the important stuff yourself since Saturn will Psssst you awake if you think you have missed something significant.
And who wants to be Psssted awake ? Fortunately this cycle will be a blur of progress and accomplishment, with a few pit stops for a meal and a power nap.
Sure you may have to merge with heavy traffic, but your confidence is on cruise control, so you will make it all look easy.

scorpio Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Scorpio: This truly is a stop and smell the roses cycle for you. Since this week begins with a Major Lunar High for you, everything that you experience will be a direct hit to your heart chakra. Those who know you will be aware that there’s something different in your eyes, something vulnerable and accessible. Those who don’t know you will be as oblivious as usual. The real difference will be in your reaction time. Normally you will look fine no matter what hits the fan, but in this cycle, touching events and moments will make you stop dead in your tracks.
It’s that hit to the heart that makes small moments offer you big realizations.
No you aren’t impervious to pain, even though you can fake it better than most.
And now for this fleeting cycle, everything that you experience processes through your heart. Sure eventually the message will arrive in your head, but not before your heartstrings are plucked and playing a song. Creativity of any kind will be most helpful since you are exploring feelings that lie to deep for words.
Music could also offer solace. But when all is said and done you will spend this cycle as a great big, truly sensitive mushpot. Needless to say, only no to low maintenance relationships can share this time with you. Now is the time for soft lights, sweet music and lots of Rescue Remedy !

sagittarius Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Sagittarius: Success arrives in many forms. Okay there’s that money and fame part of it, and that has its moments. However the confirmations that you receive in this cycle, will be much more rewarding than stuff or money. This is a cycle where others are going to trust you with very important duties, granted you may end up taking care of their mutt or their multi million dollar business, but the essence of it is their trust in you. The bestest part of this cycle of responsibilities is that your actions will be proof positive that other people’s trust in you is more than justified. In truth how they value you will have a direct effect on how much you value yourself. Once this is a done deal and you are accepting praise for how well you took care of everything, you’ll find that you stand a little taller, and feel a whole lot better about yourself as a person. Okay maybe you haven’t had a lot of experience in doggy daycare, or million dollar businesses, but your enthusiasm and people skills will find others more than willing to help you along. Certainly you will keep your friends appraised of how everything is going and you’ll have a clipboard with many lists of to do’s to keep you organized. That’s just common sense, a gift that you will continue to develop far into the future. Boy oh boy, when you take your natural enthusiasm for life, your people skills and just a teensy bit of good old fashioned common sense, you will truly be an unstoppable force of nature !

capricorn Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Capricorn: In times like these ( dare I say retrograde you know who again ?) you are only as good as your Plan B. That my dear Capricorn is where you shine the brightest. Being born a 40 year old can really work for you, especially when other’s plans are not working. Not that you are negative or paranoid, but you simply have an overview of things that makes you consider what to do when things go awry. In the moment of crisis, which is inevitable, you will remain calm and cool as you plug in those alternative plans that you hoped you’d never access, but knew on some level that you might have to. It’s a maturity thing, planning ahead, packing for that emergency, even if that emergency should never arrive. It’s not that you expect things to fall apart, or even want them to, you just want to know that all of your “what ifs” are covered. Now that Jupiter is visiting you in an adoring uncle kinda way, even the worst case scenarios will work in your favour. You are rolling along the celestial conveyor belt of an 18 month success cycle, and darlin’ you truly deserve it. In point of fact you won’t even be aware of all of the times that you unfurled your cape and lept tall buildings in a single bound for the duration of retrograde Mercury. Three weeks from now when the dust settles, you can take a moment and reflect on how well you handled it all.
In the interim, it’s just another day of taking care of business and that is your speciality ! How cool is that ?

aquarius Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Aquarius:
This week will find you untwisting mysteries. In point of fact the more elusive something is, the more magnetic you will find it. For instance you will be bored and flipping through the cable channels at the speed of Light, only to catch a glimpse of a character actor whom you have always liked and his name is ????? Geez, you know it, but no matter how deeply you dig, you got nothing. So you wait patiently for the end of the film, in order to find his name in the credits. Then just as you are getting close, a stupid commercial pops in and there goes your chance to identify this person. Sooooo, you head for the computer and spend some quality time with IMBD, so that you can rest well knowing the name
of the person who brought you so much enjoyment. Obviously this is one of the best cycles for dream work since the symbolism will have so much depth for you.
And since this is all about Neptune, why not start working with your confirmation symbols as well. It’s easy peasy. First you ask a question to the Universe about yourself, something tres simple. Then pay really close attention to the world around you. In no time your confirmation symbol will appear, bigger, brighter, clearer than anything else you are looking at. For instance one of my own confirmation symbols is a Fire Engine. When you see your confirmation symbol 3 times in 24 hours the answer is a Yes, go for it kinda thing. If you don’t see it 3 times, that’s not a No forever, it’s just a No for now and you can ask again in a week or so. Soooo, I was offered a cool business opportunity and I was wondering if I could juggle it with what I am doing presently. Within 4 hours, 6 count ’em 6 Fire Engines were parked on my block. If that’s not a go for it, I don’t know what is. The voice of spirit is with is all of the time, sometimes it just easier to shut out the mundane world and hear the messages a little more clearly. Listen and learn my dear, the answers are waiting for you.

pisces Horoscopes For The Week Of August 7, 2011Pisces: This is one of those cycles that will assure you that you are indeed on the right path. The messages will find you in small and magnificent ways. It may be the way a parent lovingly puts the socks back on his child as they exit the playland at the local fast food place. Or it may be the way an elderly couple walk arm in arm on a balmy day. The constant is, that whatever you gridlock upon will be the answer to a question that has been whispering in your ear. A few years ago, I was shopping for my youngest daughter’s Wedding. The list was long and my budget wasn’t budging. As I stood in the restaurant supply store I looked at my list and have a meaningful conversation with it. I told my lengthy list that together we would create the most beautiful, tasteful, fairytale, frugal Wedding on the face of the planet. Just then a lovely man walked around the corner and complimented me on my positive attitude. He was a Bhuddist monk. He helped me finish my shopping and we went for coffee, well he had tea. In the midst of the Wedding rush we sat and talked for hours. He did most of the talking, I did a lot of listening. His wise teachings will be with me for life. As he pulled away in his car, I realized that I never got his name, nor did he ask for mine. That made it all the more magickal. His presence was a blessing of my positivity. The Universe knows what we need. Once we affirm that those needs will be met, everything lines up in perfect order. Take your attitude of gratitude out into the world and see what wonders will find you.


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