David Sanborn On JJ’s Ipod… Weekly Update

David Sanborn is an American born alto saxophonist focusing on jazz pop and R&B.  He suffered from polio in his youth, and began playing the saxophone on a physician’s advice to strengthen his weakened chest muscles and improve his breathing. Sanborn is one of the most highly respected sax players in modern times and has won numerous Grammys. There is practically no one that he hasn’t played with in the pop rock and jazz world.  The track I am sharing with you is an incredible live performance from 1993.  My story about this song is that I was part of the crew of a sailboat in a Port Huron to Mackinac sailboat race.  I was on the smallest boat in the fleet and dead in the water with no wind a day away from the island.  We were out of food and water and it was blistering hot and humid.  The boat was covered with huge dead black flies.  It was early morning and I put this song on.  It got us motivated to fire up and clean up the fly guts and the rest of the boat and put us in a better mood as the winds began to pick up and we were back in the race.

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