Latest Weight Loss Craze-Caffeinated Pants

Talk About Skinny Jeans/Getty Images

Hey, Summers almost here and we wanna look good, right? These pants can make you skinny with no exercise. Sure…..

We’ve all heard of “Skinny Jeans”, right? Well, this is a different kind of skinny jean! For a mere $50, these caffeinated leggings claim to take several inches off your hips and thighs in about 3 weeks! Wow! Just in time for all those graduation parties, weddings, and the 4th of July!

Hmmm, but do you get wired? Smell like coffee maybe? I’m not sure I’d try the pants, but I love my Diet Pepsi; if I rub a 6 pack of it on my stomach, will it give me a 6 pack? How does it work? Questions, questions…

Well, the science is over my head, but check out the video here, and let us know if you try ’em.

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