elton john Yellow Brick Road Artist Pleas For Elton John To Give Back Artwork

Album cover art

Ian Beck is the artist who created the well-known cover of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Elton John[/lastfm]’s 1973 album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

According to The Daily Mail Elton John paid a commission of £430 or $688 for the work in 1973.

Jump ahead thirty-eight years and Beck wants his original artwork back.  He’s not really demanding it because technically in 1973 the law stated commissioned work was owned by the purchaser.  Rather it appears Beck is trying to win Elton John over with honey, or um going directly to the media to make a public plea.

The odds of Elton John giving back the work are  not looking good. A spokesman for the singer said “I have no idea whether Elton has it, but presumably if he does, he paid for it so it is his; £430 was a hell of a lot of money back then. A bit weird, isn’t it, to ask for something back 38 years later?”

Here are some other things (according to this random website) that Elton John could have spent his $688 on in 1973 :

He could have bought 1,720 gallons of gas that would have powered his 1973  Rolls-Royce  Phantom VI Limousine about 20, 640 miles at 12 mpg.


He could have bought 18,346 eggs. (We’re talking chicken eggs not the more pricey sort of eggs that can be implanted into a surrogate mother)

No matter the missed opportunity, I don’t think forking out $688 in 1973 put too much of a damper on Elton John’s incredible wealth.

More Elton John News:

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