mommiedearest opt 1 Movie Mamas: The Good, Bad and Ugly

No Wiiirreee Hannggerrs!/Getty

 Carol Brady will probably get a nice card and flowers tomorrow. Joan Crawford, maybe not so much.

Whether she’s good, bad, or ugly, we all love our Mamas! Here’s the MOTHER of all movie Moms list that fall into all 3 categories!

The Good

Forest Gump-Mrs. Gump

She was not only always there for Forest, she had great metaphors! “Life is like a box of chocolates”. Love! One of my all-time favorite movies!

The Incredibles-Helen Parr

Most Moms ARE superheros, so I had to include Helen. Plus, c’mon, yeah she’s a cartoon, but Elastigirl bending this way and that…kinda hot!

Back To The Future-Lorraine McFly

I’d be a Butthead if I left out Marty’s Mom. Whether it’s the 50’s or the 80’s, she rocks!

The Bad and Ugly

Why was this category easier than the Good Moms?

Carrie-Mrs. White.

Yikes. Locking her poor daughter in closets and making her dress in those awful clothes .The last straw: “They’re all gonna laugh at you”. Nuff said? Still one of the best moving shock endings ever!

Mommie Dearest-Joan Crawford

God forbid you hand your dress on a wire hanger. I still don’t know whether to laugh or scream when I watch this movie, but she’s the mother of all movie mad women!


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