Wings Vs. Sharks Game 1 Tonight

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Finally! Round two of the play-offs between the Red Wings and San Jose Sharks get underway tonight. I think the Wings win in 5, so here’s 5 really cool ‘Shark’ movies!

Game on! What better way to get fired up for the games, then with some Man Vs. Sharks action! I say, unlike last year, the Red Wings take the series in 5 games. So here are 5  ‘Shark’ Movies! Let’s Go Red Wings!

5) ‘Shark” or ’Maneater’. This Burt Reynolds movie was so bad they couldn’t deside what to call it.

4) ‘Jaws 2’. No Robert Shaw getting eaten or Richard Dreyfuss comic relief, but at least the shark eats a few annoying teeny-boppers.

3) ‘Open Water’. Estranged couple try to save their marriage by going diving, and get eaten by sharks. Shoulda gone on ‘Dr. Phil.’

2) ‘Deep Blue Sea’. Great special effects make this worth a look, especially the Samuel L. Jackson preachy speech scene.

1) No Brainer…’Jaws’. Dude, I was 11 when this came out and went to see it at the old Southgate theatre on Fort St. This not only scared me out of the lake, it scared me out of the pool and tub for months! The special effects look cheesy now, but it’s still a great story. I’ve seen it so many times, I can almost quote the lines verbatim “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”….

And that theme song…..

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