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Charlie Sheen, high or not, has been spouting some weird isms and phrases in all of his interviews/rants. Most of the terms actually have real meanings, but Vulture has assembled a Charlie Sheen Dictionary to help you understand how he uses words like – F-18, Warlock, Goddesses, and Winning.

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This dictionary was complied after Sheen did interviews with Good Morning America and MSNBC.

First it would be proper to define what Charlie Sheen is.

Charlie Sheen
proper noun, verb, Sheened, Sheening
1. the actor whose erratic behavior may have cost him his lucrative job as a sitcom lead
2. the perfectly legal, yet dangerous substance that said actor claims to use recreationally, e.g., “I’m on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available. If you try it once, you will die
3. the act of behaving in a manner akin to this actor, as in Trey Parker and Matt Stone telling David Letterman that they were “Sheening pretty hard” when they cross-dressed at the Oscars

Now, here are some terms you will most likely be hearing on a regular basis from Sheen.

verb (frequently used)
1. the act of triumphing over studio executives, famous fathers, and jerky show-runners, who then have no choice but to “lay down with their ugly wives and their ugly children and just look at their loser lives
2. an exclamation point used at the end of a sentence, e.g., “Sorry, you thought you were just messing with one dude. Winning

1. a term that can be used to lighten the mood when asked about mental illness (“I’m not bipolar, I’m bi-winning“)


plural noun
1. women available for sexual favors, positive reinforcement, and lounging seductively just offscreen, including (but not limited to) porn stars and wayward graphic designers
2. the sort of woman who might require a lot of verbal hand-holding when asked to make instant coffee during your TMZ Live interview (“It’s the premade. The instant. Mix the water with the powder. Don’t confuse her“)

After reading through this helpful dictionary, it is actually possible to grasp the true meaning in Charlie Sheen’s interviews.

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For more Charlie Sheen definitions, check out Vulture’s full list.

Charlie Sheen: Beginning Of The End?

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