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Want to listen to 104.3 WOMC on the go?

Android lovers, your day has finally come. Now you can stream 104.3 WOMC and hundreds of other radio stations straight to your phone, even while you’re using other apps, with’s Android app. The best part is it’s completely free at the Android Marketplace.

Take us to the gym, on a walk or listen while you are waiting in line at the Secretary of State!  Take 104.3 WOMC everywhere!

The app features over 600 stations from all corners of America, including Yahoo! Music and AOL Radio too. With 19 genres to search, you can listen to Pop, Rock, Country, Hip-hop, Jazz, Classical, World, Latino, News, Sports, and a whole lot more. Not only can you stream, search, and save your favorite stations, you can also share what you’re listening to on Facebook, Twitter, and email with just the flick of a finger.

Don’t be left behind, go pick up’s new app for Android right now at the Android Marketplace.

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