Pistons Value Drops

Getty Images/Sam Greenwood

According to a new assessment from Forbes Magazine, the value of the Pistons has dropped dramatically.  Only one other team in the NBA saw a bigger drop.

Last year the Detroit Pistons were worth an estimated 479 million dollars according to Forbes Magazine.  But this year, the team has experienced a 25% drop in value, according to the magazine.  The Pistons are now worth an esimtated 360 million.

Only one other NBA team saw a bigger drop from year to year.  The Cleveland Cavs were valued at 476 million last year, according to Forbes.  This year they’re worth only 355 million bucks.

Meanwhile current Pistons owner Karen Davidson continues to try and punt the team and the talks are focusing on San Diego billionaire Tom Gores who has Michigan ties.  We’ve been expecting a sale announcement at just about any time for the past few weeks.  As the late, great Paul Harvey used to say:  “Stand by for news……”

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