The Guess Who And Burton Cummings – A Memorable Night

Flickr Photo / Shayne Kaye

My very first radio station was WIFE in Indianapolis.  Hey, don’t laugh!  WIFE was a killer rock radio station and by far, the number one station in my hometown of Indianapolis at the time.  It was Indy’s version of WKNR.  And when The Guess Who came to town for a concert, they did something very special for the “Lucky 13 Good Guys” as the WIFE jocks were called back then.

I was really new in radio and when the Guess Who came to town for a concert, the band was kind enough to give every on-air staff member tickets to the show.

I took my girlfriend who would later become the love of my life and my wife, Cindy.  As the concert drew near the end, we all got word that the Guess Who had arranged a special surprise for us after the show.  We were just told to show up at a banquet room at the Stouffer’s Hotel on Meridian Street.  So after the show, we all made a beeline to the hotel.

We really didn’t know what to expect.  Or at least I didn’t know what to expect.

A bar was set up with free booze, which was nice.  And about 45 minutes after we all arrived, in walks the band.  I figured they would be cocky and aloof.  But they were anything but that.  I’ll always remember Burton Cummings entering the room in a Chicago Blackhawks hockey sweater.  And he was armed with a full fifth of Chivas Regal scotch and was swigging it like it was a Coke.

After a few minutes Cummings set his sights on Cindy and was hitting on her like crazy.  I had to keep a close watch on him but he was a nice flirt.  After an hour or so of cocktails the band thanked us for bringing them to town and then disappeared up to their rooms telling us to enjoy the banquet room for as long as we liked.

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