Your Vote On Top Regifting Items

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Scented Candles Was Far And Away Your Top Regifting Pick

Scented candles topped your vote on regifting items.  Take a look at the rest of your top ten picks.

I thought it would be interesting to see which items you regift the most, if you regift at all.  So here’s how you voted:

1   Scented Candles
2   Champagne
3   Boxed Chocolates
4   Merchant Gift Cards
5   Cheese And Sausage Gift Box
6   Knife Sets
7   Gloves
8   Cross Pen Sets
9   Fancy Nut Box
10 Neckties

I was really surprised that more people didn’t list Cross Pen Sets.  Over the years I’ve probably gotten a dozen of them as gifts for Christmas.

Here’s how I picked ’em:

1   Boxed Chocolates
2   Champagne
3   Gloves
4   Cross Pen Sets
5   Neckties
6   Scented Candles
7   Merchant Gift Coupons
8   Cheese And Sausage Box
9   Knife Sets
10 Fancy Nut Box

We’ll fire off another one of these Top Ten Lists tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock.  Hope to see you then!


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