So How Much Should You Tip Folks This Holiday Season? Dave Dugdale of

It’s the holiday season.  A time when folks are generous and in many cases would like to thank people for a job well done in the form of a tip.  But what is appropriate?

When it comes to holiday tips, there are no absolutes.  But poking around on the internet, I began to see a pattern.  So based on that totally unscientific research, here are the basic suggestions for tipping.

Trash collectors would appreciate being spiffed by $10 to $30.

U.S. mail carriers are not allowed to accept cash (although some I know have gladly welcomed a little holiday tip) but a small gift, thank you note or gift card of $20 or less is good.

Teachers may or may not be allowed to accept gifts, depending upon the district.  So check with your district first.  But in general, $25 gift cards are a nice gesture and I’m sure, much appreciated.  And no, an apple is not enough!

For barbers, hair dressers, groomers, etc., a holiday tip amounting to one hair cut or session is appropriate.

Newspaper delivery folks would love to get $10 to $20 or the equivalent to one month’s subscription.

For doctors, dentists and other health care folks – forget about it.  Cash is hardly ever appropriate although again, when my mom and dad were in the hospital, I certainly gave the best nurses cards with a little cash inside.  The suggestion, however, is to bring them something special that you have baked up like cookies.

For little Melanie, the babysitter, give her cash equal to her pay for one night of watching your rug rats.

And for you folks in the Pointes and Bloomfield Hills, please tip the live-in nanny/au pair one week’s salary.

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