Gingerbread Ford Pick Up In Dearborn

Photo/The Dearborn Inn

A hand-crafted, near life-size, 1932 Ford gingerbread pick up truck is on display in The Dearborn Inn’s lobby. The 1932 Ford pick-up truck was originally parked outside of the hotel when Henry Ford opened the hotel almost 80 years ago in July 1931. This gingerbread replica is 14 feet long and 6 feet wide. The preparation time to create this unique masterpiece took more than 3 weeks to make the gingerbread,roll it,cook it,assemble it and decorate. The gingerbread is laid over a 106 inch wheelbase and a V8 engine.


105 lbs of Gingerbread

20 lbs of Royal Icing

150 lbs of Candy – including Mike & Ikes, Marshmallows, Starlight Mints, Red Hots, Raspberry Jellies, Lemon Bombs, Twizzlers, Peach Jellies and more.


Mix 105 pounds of gingerbread, roll out and bake.

Lay the gingerbread on the wheelbase and engine.

Drizzle Royal Icing on Mike & Ikes, Starlight Mints, Raspberry Jellies, Lemon Bombs, Twizzlers and Peach Jellies and sprinkle generously on the covered gingerbread.

Add a dash of marshmallows and Red Hots.

Garnish with limitless amounts of love and holiday magic.

John Kieran Savage is Executive Chef at The Dearborn Inn.  Kieran has been with Marriott since 1986 and has been with The Dearborn Inn since June 2000. Kieran began his career with Marriott in Arlington, VA as an International Culinary Trainee and had several positions with Marriott in Europe and the United States. Kieran was raised in Cork, Ireland and graduated from Rockwell Hotel & Catering College in Ireland.

The display is free, open to the public and is located in the hotel lobby.  Viewing is available 24-hours a day.  The hotel is located 20301 Oakwood Boulevard in Dearborn.  For more information, contact the hotel directly at 313-271-2700.

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