How’s This Sound – The Abu Dhabi Pistons?

Flickr Photo / slleong

No, not to worry.  The Pistons are not about to move to Abu Dhabi.  However there does seem to be some interest from companies in that part of the world in owning an NBA ball club.

For the longest time it appeared as if Mike Ilitich was close to zeroing in on ownership of the Pistons.  And he may still be close for all we know.  But we also know that there are others interested in buying the team.

The Free Press says an Abu Dhabi based English speaking newspaper called The National has interviewed NBA Commissioner David Stern and that Stern indicates discussions have not only been taking place with business people in Abu Dhabi but in Dubai, as well.  And he indicates that still others are also interested in the team.  So as the late, great Paul Harvey used to say:  “Stand by for news!”

Late in the day yesterday the NBA downplayed the story.  A spokesman said while there is interest from Middle Eastern parties in acquiring an NBA franchise, the Pistons were not specifically mentioned.

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