Will This Be The Week The Pistons Are Sold?

Photo From Flickr / Kevin.Ward

Pistons owner Karen Davidson has said she hoped to get the sale of the Pistons done by the end of October.   So how close are we?

Now that October has come and gone, are we any closer to news that a deal has been worked out to sell the Pistons?  Could an announcement come this week?

Current Pistons owner Karen Davidson has been trying to unload the team for months and recently said she was hopeful of getting the job done by the end of October.

Mike Ilitch has been upfront in saying he is working hard to try and purchase the team.   And we can’t forget about Magic Johnson.  He has hinted that he’d like to get a piece of the action along with Ilitch.

Before any sale can take place, other NBA teams must first give their blessing.  And then there’s the question of where they would play.  Mike Ilitch has hinted that he’d like to build a new building in downtown Detroit to host both his Red Wings and the Pistons.  And there’s even some speculation that if Ilitch does get the Pistons, he might switch a few Red Wings games scheduled for the Joe to the Palace.  Why would he do that?  Well the Red Wings would probably play at least part of the season at the Palace while a new building is being built.  By playing a few Wings games at the palace this year, it would warm fans up to the idea of temporarily having to schlepp out to Auburn Hills to watch the Wings play some of their games in the future.

As the late great Paul Harvey used to say:  “Stand by for news……”

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