Have You Picked A Halloween Costume Yet?

Photo From Flickr / ralphhogaoo

Before we know it Halloween will be here and it’s time to get serious about nailing down this year’s costume!

You can buy a costume or do it on the cheap like the dude in the picture above but for best selection in stores, you’d better get cracking!

Poking around Metro Detroit it appears that the hot Halloween costumes this year for adults will be things like Lady Gaga, Avatar, and Jersey Shore get-ups.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of stores selling costumes.  Halloween City seemingly has hundreds of stores in our area.  But other retailers are getting in on the act, too.

Americans may be holding off on buying new homes and cars but they’re not holding back on Halloween.  Time Magazine says Halloween seems to be recession proof.  Maybe because it’s just so much fun.

Above and beyond Christmas, shoppers spend the second most each year on Mother’s Day.  But Halloween can’t be far off the pace!

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