Trends: R.E.M. Fans Show “Glee” Kids Where To Go

After last week’s Britney blowout, an upcoming episode of “Glee” will reportedly take on a R.E.M. classic. For music fans wondering where to point their playlist next, the Trends team reveal who else R.E.M. listeners are spinning.

This week the “Glee” cast takes on R.E.M.’s single best-loved song “Losing My Religion,” an epic track that tops the band’s chart at week after week. So far it’s seen 3,167,233 plays from listeners, and usually sees between ten and eleven thousand people give it a spin every week.

Here a slice of what else those fans are playing at the moment, if you want to give something similar a spin.

5. Talking Heads
18,627,353 plays (861,485 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Psycho Killer,” “Once In A Lifetime, ” “Burning Down The House”

4. 10,000 Maniacs
2,380,578 plays (256,804 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Like The Weather,” “Hey Jack Kerouac,” “Don’t Talk”

3. U2
79,585,304 plays (2,213,310 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“With Or Without You,” “Beautiful Day,” “One”

2. The Minus 5
445,502 plays (64,525 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“Rifle Called Goodbye,” “Cemetery Row,” “Formerly Hail Centurion”

1. Michael Stipe  (Pop star and REM frontman)
190,033 plays (48,227 listeners)
Top Tracks:
“L’Hôtel,” “Everything’s Come Undone,” “Broken Promise”

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Tune in to “Glee” this Tuesday (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. For more info on “GLEE” The Music visit: In the mean time, catch up on all the greatest “Glee” hits on “Glee” Radio.

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