Bret Michaels Sues Concert Promoter For $5 Million

Getty Images/ Ethan Miller

Reuters reports that concert promoter Michael Banks and Aloha Events claim they cancelled the show because of Michaels’ conflicting  TV appearance.  But the NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” episode was taped in advance.  Michaels is suing  for a breach of contract and exposure to public contempt and ridicule by irritated fans who got media attention.

Michaels also claims that he believes the promoter backed out  not due to a time conflict but financial issues.  Michaels made it to the venue August 5th despite his claims that he had not  been paid his promised 10% deposit or a second 40% deposit. He told New York’s WSYR-TV, “You don’t just go: ‘Hey I don’t feel like paying anybody.’ I think with a guy like Mike, he bit off more than he could chew.”

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