soldiers call home Donate Cell Phones For Soldiers At Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers

In support of Chevrolet’s year long campaign to raise $1 million for Cell Phones for Soldiers, the Metro Detroit Chevrolet dealers will have collection boxes at their dealerships, where customers can donate their unwanted, gently used cell phones. Once they are recycled for cash, all the proceeds will be used to buy prepaid calling cards for our soldiers serving in the Middle East through the Cell Phone for soldiers program, a cause the Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealers feel strongly about.

“I was personally at the RenCen when the launch of this program occurred, so I got to see first- hand the gratitude everyone involved feels toward the men and women serving overseas in our military,”  said Paul Stanford, president of the Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealers Local Marketing Group (LMA). “Too often, as many of us are caught up in our daily activities, we forget just how important the mission of our military is to protecting our freedom here in the USA. By becoming a part of this great cause, our LMA, consisting of 37 local Chevrolet Dealers, along with thousands of employees and thousands more customers, will be in a position to make a difference in the lives of those currently serving in the military and their families. For this reason, we wholeheartedly endorse this cause and plan on spreading the word in our marketing and advertising in the Metro Detroit area.”

About Cell Phones for Soldiers:
Cell Phones for Soldiers was created by Brittany & Robbie Bergquist of Norwell MA. After reading a story about a soldier who ran up a huge phone bill calling home from Iraq, these two teenagers decided to help out. They started by opening an account with $21.00 of their own money. They are collecting cash donations and old cell phones. The cell phones are recycled for cash and the proceeds are used to buy prepaid calling cards for our soldiers serving in the Middle East. Cell Phones For Soldiers is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Their efforts have motivated people and businesses around the country to donate to this worthy cause. Their goal is to provide every US soldier with a way to call home for free.
To find your nearest Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealer, please click here.
home but printlabel gm Donate Cell Phones For Soldiers At Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers
Individuals who would like to support the cause also can also download a pre-paid mailing label at, to ship donations of one to one hundred cell phones.
“There are more than 130 million phones retired every year in the United States,” said Robbie Bergquist, “If just 2 percent of Americans were to donate their unwanted phones, we could supply every soldier with a free call home – and a small measure of our national gratitude.”
For more information, please visit
About the Metro Detroit Chevrolet Dealers LMA:
The Metro Detroit Chevrolet LMA consists of 37 local Chevy Dealers who are dedicated to Metro Detroit Area.

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