Dick Purtans Final Broadcast VideoWatch video of the final moments of Dick Purtan’s last broadcast after 45 years of radio.  Click the more tab.

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  1. Lynn pou says:

    What a classy guy…but we knew that. Very touching. How can such a good thing come to an end so fast? Enjoy phase 2 of your new life….we miss you already.

  2. Bev Huard says:

    I bet there are a lot of red, weepy eyes after this morning’s beautiful sign-off for Dick Purtan and Purtan’s People. What a great group of compassionate, funny folks – they will be truly missed and always remembered with a smile. “Softly As I Leave You” was soooooooooooo appropriate – loved it!!!!

  3. Linda Barnette says:


    Thank you for the many years that you woke me up in the morning. I will sorely miss you and your gang. All of you have brought me many years of laughter and at times tears. No one will be able to fill your shoes as you have left a great imprint on our hearts. Many times over the last few years I have wondered how you could continue your job year after year and dreaded the day you would announce your retirement. Well that day has arrived and you truly deserve it. I wish you and your wife Gail many, many relaxing, funfilled days ahead and I can’t wait until your book is published. Take care, stay healthy and God Bless you always!!!!!! Linda Barnette

  4. Trish McMinn says:

    I didn’t realize there were so many tears in me. It is so hard to think of the morning without him and the crew. I wouldn’t want to be whoever is taking his place on Monday, what gigantic shoes to fill.

  5. Linda Ellis says:

    How else good such a classy man with so much love for family and friends say goodbye but the way you did.

  6. Elaine Drewek says:

    What a beautiful way to end a fanatatic career! Now the hard part for all of Dick’s listeners: Monday morning and all subsequent mornings are going to be very tough.

    Best of luck to all of you on your next chapter!!

  7. Barbara Appleton says:

    The tears are falling on the keyboard as I write. With your new venture Dick you remind us all of lifes many chapters, all the joys and pains, but each such an important part of this great journey we are all in together. I still have some playlists from WKNR 1320AM .Thanks for the memories and best of luck to you and your entire family!

  8. John Siino says:

    Thank you for 45 years of memories, may God Bless you and your family on your new begining.

  9. Carol H says:

    Thanks for the memories……

  10. Scott Vermander says:

    I cannot tell everyone what a privilege and honor it was to work with Dick Purtan and Purtan’s People. Dick was one of my childhood idols growing up when I had aspirations for radio and broadcasting. Dick is truly one of the most humble and “human” people I have ever met. He welcomed me to the show with open arms and allowed me to feel part of the WOMC radio family. I had the opportunity to talk to legendary Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell, former University of Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr, Pistons broadcaster George Blaha and many other local “celebrities” during my tenure with the station. I was truly honored to be mentioned in Dick’s final monolouge this morning, but was not really surprised. It only further displays what a genuine and tremendous person that he is and I am very appreciative of every experience I had working with the show. Dick, I wish you all the best in your retirement. Everyone who listened to you will truly miss hearing your voice in the morning. In my opinion, although you might disagree, you are one of the great radio voices of our time.

  11. Dan Boychuk says:

    Thank you for all the memories. May God keep you and you family safe and well. I had the chance to meet you years ago when you did a retirement party for former police chief Rus Ray of Ferndale. We were the band that played that night. My wife and I will miss you and Puartan’s People. God Bless

  12. Tom Wieck says:

    Morning radio has lost another jewel. What a bittersweet day for the city of Detroit. On the one hand we are all sad to see you ride off into the sunset because we will miss your remarkable talent. On the other hand we are truely grateful for your many many years of morning entertainment. You are one of a kind.We were soooo lucky the day you arrived in the Motor City.Our mornings will never be the same. May you and your family be blessed with many years of good health and happiness in your retirement.You will be missed.

  13. dennis peake says:

    there are no words left to say we will miss you:)

  14. Jim Ventimiglia says:

    Dick, I know that much of what I’m going to write has already been written, but for a such a class act as yourself, these things can’t be said enough. You have brought so much joy, laughter, and this morning, so many tears, and most of all, so many wonderful memories to everyone who has had the privilege of listening to you for the past 45 years. I’ve followed you from WKNR, to WXYZ, to CKLW, to WMJC, and to WOMC, and every radio station you touched immediately turned to gold. The true measure of success is knowing that you’ve left something far better off than it was when you started, and we are all so much better off because of you. God bless you, Gail, your six beautiful daughters, your seven beautiful grandchildren (so far), and the rest of your family and friends. You will truly be missed.

  15. Keith Stevens says:

    Dear Mr. Purtan,
    I have listen to you through the years growing up in Detroit, but 32 years ago I married and moved to the west side of Michigan, I married , raised a famliy and became a special ed teacher, a couple of years ago I fond you on the internet, Boy, was it nice to here a Detroit voice again. I work with some really troubled youth and you made my day start with a laugh and it kept going all day. So enjoy the next stage of your life and Thank you!

  16. ron/lisa says:

    soarly, soarly will be missed…we have corner stones in this world, the glue if you will…mr. purtan can certainly be counted amogst those……ron/lisa

  17. rob says:

    Thanks for all the years and the times you made my day great when it was not a good day

  18. Manny says:

    As a fan for many years you will be greatly missed. Best wishes to you and your family.

  19. Dave Belian says:

    Mr. Purtan,

    Thanks for being a class act and for all of the fun during your many years. We wish you well and will miss you and the gang!
    All the best!

  20. Patricia A Proctor says:

    Dick, I am sad to see you leave as you have been the only radio station I have listened to since moving to Michigan from Cleveland. Congratulations on your retirement and may you enjoy all that life has instore for you. You will be missed espcially in the morning when I used to wake up to Dick Purtan.
    God Bless you and Gale.

  21. Mark Roske says:

    Mr. Purtan is one of the reasons I work in radio (and for CBS). The story of his childhood love affair is similar to my story. I hope one day, I’ll be 1/100th as successful as him in this business.

    Thanks for all the wonderful years of broadcasts. Thanks for being not just my hero, but the hero to so many of us in this business. Most of all, thanks for showing the business side of modern radio, the power of PEOPLE.

    It’ll be a sad day when I return to my true home, Detroit, tune in 104.3 mHz, and find that the voice of The Motor City is no longer on the air in the morning.

    As you said, Part 2 has just begun. I have a feeling we’ll still hear your voice come out of a set of speakers pretty soon, whether it be via the internet, a guest shift on the air, or a radio reunion. I’ll be listening.

    Thanks Mr. Purtan. The radio world and Detroit will miss hearing you every morning, and we all wish you the best of health and happiness.

  22. GB, Windsor says:

    Thank You Mr Purtan for all the smiles and laughter you gave us. I grew up with you. Good Luck in your new endeavours. You will be missed.

  23. Jo Anne (Adams)Pavlic says:

    Dear Dick, It’s been many years ago in Detroit, but I am still
    an avid fan of yours. I just listened to your farewell- never!
    I can’t tell you how much it means to know that you & your
    family are doing fine. I miss all my friends still. God Bless!

  24. Terri Fleming says:

    Dear Mr. Purtan,
    Congratualtions on your new adventure in life! I am sure that you will shine (with the help of Jackie and Big Al).

    God bless you, Gail and your whole family.

    My morning drive will be sooooooooooo boring now.

    Terri Fleming

  25. Melanie Napolitano says:

    .Dick, your the only other person I’ve woke up with besides my husband. Besides that you’re in a much better mood than he is. Hee Hee. Seriously, Dick, you and Purtain’s People have brought more joy to us and made our mornings bearable. Enjoy your wonderful family. It’s time now to smell the roses. We wish you and Purtains People all the best. Peace to you

  26. tim kenney says:

    Dear Dick; best of luck on your retirement, i hope if you didn’t get a chance to watch the video on CKLW that i sent you a few? years ago,that was shown on the Canadian history channelnow would be a good time to reflecton the years gone by…wishing you and family all the best god bless…Tim Kenney..Windsor,

  27. Gary Fawkes says:

    Best Wishes Dick
    From one hockey goalie to another! I grew up listening to you.
    Thanks for all the memories and enjoy your retirement.
    I still remember you entertaining at our Jr Wings banquet in 1971! Enjoy the family and be well.

  28. Dianne Jaco Sacka says:

    Hi Dick: Over 40 years ago you made one of your on air prank calls to my dad asking him to join the girl scouts (he always teased my mother about being a leader)! You really fooled him and it is a memory our family will always cherish! Best wishes to you and your family!

  29. Rob says:

    Thank you Dick, for all of the memories. Mornings will not be the same without your voice. God bless you and Gale!

  30. cameron bettner says:

    i listened to dick before school every day

  31. Theresa says:

    Like so many others have written, my tears are falling as well…..
    You must have been blessed with amazing and loving parents…
    Such talent doesn’t come without EXCEPTIONAL genes and a loving and devoted upbringing.
    Congratulations to your Mother and Father as well!!!

  32. Theresa says:

    Congratulations Mr. Purtan! You have worked SO hard and seen so much success……..wonderful….and you have shared your success with Detroit, and particularly the charities you have chosen to champion. I agree, with a previous comment, your mom and dad taught you well!

  33. JOE "CINCI CHILI" BONO says:

    my son, joe 11, living in cinci was driving to work this morning and was listening to howard stern, 3-29-10 howard said he never comments on other radio personalities. but today he must acknowledge a standout individual named dick purtan who retired yesturday. joe said horward went on for about 3 minutes about what an excellent job and good guy you are. somehow howard has a connection in detroit and knew you well.

  34. Jack Slater says:

    Like many other former Dick Purtan fans, I find myself surfing the morning radio dial, searching for something that compares with what Dick used to give us every morning. I’m not too optimistic about finding anything. A legend has “left the building”. I’ll stay in touch with dickpurtan.com.

  35. Barb L says:

    Enjoyed your show for 30 some years. Two questions what actually happened with Dana and Ankles. You got in hot water when T. Ryan was let go. Did they leave because of cutbacks or for personal reasons. Please respond. thanks

  36. Jim says:

    Whatever happened to the Penobschwartz Building anyway?

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